Sorting Services

IGI offers sorting services for diamond parcels up to 0.25 ct.
The service includes screening and detection for laboratory grown diamonds and/or simulants.
Customers can receive either a tamperproof sealed bag or the IGI D-Box containing the following information:

  • Color grading (range of two or three colors: D-F, G-H, I-J)
  • Clarity Grading (range of two or three clarities: IF-VVS1, VVS2-VS1, VS2-SI1)
  • Cut/Finish grade on request (one overall grade)
  • AQL (accepted quality limit) applicable upon request
  • Other parameters such as measurements and fluorescence can be provided on request.

IGI's strict grading standards ensures our product can be used worldwide as a trading/sales tool to increase efficiency and professionalism.

For more information, fees or custom related services please contact us at info@igi.org or call you local IGI.